Welcome to Pup Jaxx’s Pup talk!
Here I will be doing some interviews with some amazing pups from within the community from all over, and sharing my stories and experiences with you pups, and helping to spread awareness and help get any answers anyone may have answered. There are any pups from all around the world and I want to get feedback, and Share what it means to be a pup for you so others within our community can understand. 

If you dont already know me, WOOF, Hello I’m Pup Jaxx! I was born around August 18th 2022, so coming up this august is my 1 year! I’ve been growing, and meeting so many amazing pups and I can’t wait to see what the next few months has in store! Stay tuned for updates when I will be doing my interviews, and the pups being showcased Much love from Pup Jaxx! Awoooo