22 Jul

The year is 2022, shortly after the Covid Pandemic Lockdowns ended. This story follows the life of Sebastian, a 25 year old bisexual man who has just moved to California before the pandemic started. As Sebastian starts to get himself back out into the world something unexpected happens. 

Ups and Downs

  *chime* Sebastian picks up his phone and reads a message from his coworker asking him if he wanted to go out tonight. “Why not” he thought as he needed to relax this weekend. The bathroom light turns on and Sebastian walks inside. He looks up at himself in the mirror and just smiles. “Yeah it’s time for me to be happy.”


  A few hours later, Sebastian arrives to the club and goes up to the bar. He gets a drink and just waits for his friend to arrive. As the music continues playing for the next hour or so, more people fill inside the club and the energy around the room continued to grow as the energy around him began to fade. *chime* “Hey sorry I can’t make it” he reads.  The look of disappointment began to show on his face. Sebastian pays for the few drinks he has and began walking through the crowd. Looking around the room, he started to listen and feel the music, and let go of the stresses that had been holding him back. Then something had caught his attention. 

  Standing inside the front of the club is a young man with short brown hair wearing an LED light up harness and skinny jeans with holes; walking past him, the lights from the entryway glistening off the teal diamonds in his ears, and he could smell the sweet and musky aroma of the cologne he was wearing. As Sebastian glances up inspecting the man from head to toe, he glances back towards his way. His stomach fluttering in every direction with his mind unsure of what he should do, feeling the blood rush to his face as he see him start walking his way. “Hello, How’s you’re night going?” He asks. Blushing , “Im good thanks. How about yourself?”, He holds his hand out and leans out for a handshake. “Im Jake, can I buy you a drink?”     Sebastian reaches his hand out and as he shakes his hands he feels how soft they are. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Jake, I was just about to head out”, Sebastian says, “but that would be nice.” He smiles back at Jake as the two walk over to the bar together. 

  Jake orders Sebastian a screwdriver at his request, and orders himself a Jack and coke. The two sit at the bar together talking for a little enjoying the company and began dancing together on the floor, with Jakes’ body pressed up against Sebastians’ feeling the vibration of the bass from the music on their bodies the twos eyes met and Jake leaned in close and began kissing on Sebastians neck. Goosebumps pulsed through Sebastian’s body as Jakes lips touched his neck moving closer towards his lips. Jake places his hand on Sebastian’s cheek and as their lips touch, it’s as if a fire was ignited within Sebastian. He couldn’t control himself anymore, nor did he want to. All he knew in that moment was he wanted more.

 With their bodies swaying with the beat of the music, and crowd at its peak, Sebastian runs his hands across jakes left arm, grazing his shoulder as he runs his hands behind his back to other shoulder feeling his muscles; admiring the view of his sculptured torso Sebastian wraps his arms around Jake and leans in close to his ear. “Wanna get out of here” he whispered. Jake takes him by the hand and they head towards the exit. 



  As they made their way outside the club, Jake let’s Sebastian know he just lives a few blocks from the club so they walked to his apartment. As they walked they continued chatting asking questions and learning some new things about each other during the short walk like what their favorite music to listen to was, and what their favorite color was. At first glance of Sebastian, it’s not hard to tell his favorite color is blue from his baby blue tank top he was wearing that matched the color of his eyes and the blue and white Louis Vuitton Sneakers he was wearing; Jake picked up on that easily during the conversation.  Sebastian just smiles as they approached the door of the apartment and asked Jake what his was. Jake turned to Sebastian and says “My favorite color is Green; it makes me feel more connected to Mother Earth and calm. Now let’s get inside it’s getting a little chilly.”

 Jake smiles and holds the door open for Sebastian. “Walk through the door, down hallway, and up the stairs to the first door on the left.” Jake told Sebastian and as he approached the door, Jake took his key, and unlocked the door. They both step through the door and into the room in front of them. The lighting gets dimmer as the door behind Jake shuts.  Sebastian walks  down the hall and admires the beautiful artwork hung up there. He sees a colorful abstract painting of a muscular man with the Pride flag behind him, A sleek portrait of a man in a Rolls Royce Wraith, and the painting of the Dancer in the rainbow in the rain were some of the ones that caught his eye the most. “These are beautiful.”, Sebastian says. Jake walks behind Sebastian and presses his fingers in between Sebastian’s fingers. 

  Sebastian bites his lip in anticipation of  what’s happening next. “I did those myself. Thank you.”, Sebastian turns towards Jake. They gaze into each others eyes for a split second and Jake couldn’t take it anymore. He shoves Sebastian back up against the wall and begins kissing his lips. Jake kisses him for a few moments as Sebastian looks back at him and smiles. Jake says “Hey Siri, Let’s Chill”. A flash of light illuminates and all the lights turn on in the room alternating between colors and changed with the vibration of the room; the surround sound turns on and house music begins to play.

  Jake takes Sebastians hand and asks him, “What are your limits.” Sebastian just looks at him and says, “I haven’t really tested any limits but with you I may be down to push myself. What do you have in mind?” Jake looks up at Sebastian, “Come here.” He says, “Maybe it’s best I show you”. Jake shows Sebastian a chest in the front of the living room; he opens it and Sebastian’s eyes light up. Lined with eight different types of floggers on the top of the chest, the inside had many different chain and leather harnesses, Puppy Play Masks, Hand cuffs, Rope, and blind folds. Sebastian had seen many of these items, but he had never used, or taken part with any of them but all he knew was he felt the adrenaline begin to rush inside him. Jake looks at Sebastian for a reaction, and Sebastian just says “This could be fun. Show me.”

 To be continued..:

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